Services A-Z (392)


Access to AS Network Shares & Printers

Accessibility Issue

Account Center Enhancements

Account Center Support

Add a Professional Certificate to CSU Learn

Add agent

Add AS Calendar Event

Add non-registered student to Blackboard class shell

Add non-student user to Blackboard class shell

Add or remove organization participant

Add/Remove Box Group Admin

Add/Remove equipment to Co-Location or Datacenter

Add/Remove TeamDynamix Group Member

Additional prep area creation

Adobe Sign / Unity Forms Process Request (New, Modify, Delete) and Issues

Adobe Sign Accounts and Security (New, Modify, Delete)

AlcoholEdu Support

Annual/Other Program

Anti-Malware Block Review

Aperture Alerts on Box Content

Approval Workflow Updates & Questions

ARC Cart

AS Building Access

AS Computer Support

AS Design

AS Digital Signage

AS Equipment/Software Upgrades

AS Phone Support

AS Printer Support

AS Purchasing of IT-Related Equipment

AS Software Support

AS Website Errors & Suggestions

AS Website Features

AS Workstation Moves

Associated Students Project Request

Astra Help

Astra Security

Audit and Continuous Improvement Project Request

Authorization for Off-Campus Printing

Automated TeamDynamix Ticket (via email monitor)

Award Guidelines

Azure Migration


B&F Purchase Hardware & Software

BbLearn Course Access

BbLearn Quotas

BbLearn Site Access

Blackboard Additional Support Resources

Blackboard Browser Compatibility Information

Blackboard Essential Training for Students

BMU Facilities Maintenance

Broken Link


Cal State S4

Cal State S4 Authentication Issues

Caller ID display name change

Campus Calendar/ Announcements Support

Campus Directory Update

Campus Editing

Campus Password Issues

Campus Password Issues

Campus Password Issues

Campus Password Issues

Campus Password Issues

Campus Portal support

Campus Web Content Updates

Captioning Support Service

Cascade Access

Cascade Support

CashNet Access

CDOE distant education assistance

Centralized Logging

Centralized Logging

Change agent

Change Primary Maintainer

Chico State 360 Access Request

Chico State 360 Bulk SMS Text Authorization

Chico State 360 CRM - Other Support

Chico State Alerts

Classroom equipment installation

Classroom technology training

CME Help Desk

CMS Annual Reauthorization process issues

Common Learning Environment

Concur Travel & Expense

Configure Generic Accounts for Delegate Access

Content Accessibility and Remediation

Contractor/Vendor access request

CourseLeaf New User

Creative Services

CSE ~ Box Support

CSE ~ Computer or Device Support

CSE ~ Deploy/Transfer Computer to a New User

CSE ~ Exchange Email & Calendar Support

CSE ~ Printer or Scanner Support

CSE ~ Software & Application Support

CSU Learn Content Change/Update

CSU Learn Report Requests


Delete a voicemail box

Design New Training in CSU Learn

Disconnect a wired network connection

Dispose of an electronic device

DMCA complaint



eDiscovery/PRA Request

Endowment Guidelines

Enroll in Cascade training

Errors with User Information

Event Request

Existing business application support


Failed authenticated server scan

Failed authenticated web app scan

Financial Aid Help Desk

Financial Services - MS Office, Other Software

Financial Services Computer

Financial Services Data Report

Financial Services Purchase Hardware & Software

FMS Computer


General B&F Computer

General B&F Software

General B&F-IT Issues

General Financial Services-IT Issues

General FMS-IT Issues

General HR-IT Issues

General Security Exception

General UPD-IT Issues

Get YourWeb


Hardware - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Hardware Maintenance Agreement - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Heatmap access for website

Help from a Technology & Learning Program (TLP) consultant

Help from a Technology & Learning Program (TLP) consultant

Help installing and configuring software

Help installing and configuring software (ECC)

Help removing malware/virus

Help with a Cloud Computer

Help with a computer (ECC)

Help with a computer lab

Help with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Help with a lab computer

Help with a lab computer (ECC)

Help with Blackboard

Help with GoPrint

Help with lab printing

Help with LinkedIn Learning

Help with on-premise file share

Help with Qualtrics Account

Hosted database support

Hosted server support

HR - MS Office, Other Software

HR Computer

HR Data Report


I forgot my password

IASC Service Request

Identity Finder support

Information Technology Project Request

In-Kind Gift Acceptance

Institutional Research Survey Request

Instructional Materials Accessibility and Remediation by TLP

IT Procurement Review

IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

ITSS Loaner Computer or Accessory

ITSS Lobby Patron


Kaltura Help


Large Library Projects

Learning Management System (LMS) Project Request

Library Building & Room Access

Library Collections Projects

Library Computers & Printers

Library Databases & Resources

Library Maintenance & Repairs

Library Phones & Networking

Library Signage & Postings

Library Student Personnel

Library Technology Lending

Library Website


Major IT Purchase or project

Major IT Request Form

Make course unavailable to students

MFP & HP LaserJet Printer Support

MFP & HP LaserJet Printer Support

MFP & HP LaserJet Printer Support

MFP & HP LaserJet Printer Support

Microsoft SQL Server hosting

Move a wired network connection


New Active Directory domain-only service account.

New Box Group

New Box User Account

New business application support

New conference room calendar

New directory title

New email distribution list

New generic email account

New Hire IT Setup

New Level 1 Folder and Group

New phone line

New Qualys user

New security group

New service account (LDAP)

New shared calendar

New static IP address

New Taske account

New TeamDynamix Service

New Unified Messaging Account

New voicemail box

New Wireless Device or Service

New/additional cabling

New/Change Access to Financial Services Applications

New/Change Access to FMS Applications

New/Change Access to General B&F Applications

New/Change Access to HR Applications

New/Change Access to UPD Applications

New/Update to HRSC Box Group(s)


OnBase & Perceptive Content - Issues and Requests (New, Modify, Delete)

OnBase & Perceptive Content ECM Systems - Accounts and Security (New, Modify, Delete)

OneSolution General Help

OneSolution Informational Session – How to Login, Navigate, and Run Reports

OneSolution Printer Queue

OneSolution User Account Support

Online Forms

Oracle database hosting

ORG - Change or Update to existing Department

ORG - New Department

Organization Management

Other Accessible Content Issue

Other Account & Access Issues - B&F

Other Account & Access Issues - Financial Services

Other Account & Access Issues - UPD

Other Financial Services Hardware

Other FMS Hardware

Other General B&F Hardware

Other HR Hardware

Other Library Issues

Other Library Technology Issues

Other Specialized Printer Support - B&F

Other Specialized Printer Support - Financial Services

Other Specialized Printer Support - FMS

Other Specialized Printer Support - HR

Other Unlisted AS IT Issue

Other UPD Hardware

Other Website Error or Suggestion

Other Website Services


Parent access to the student portal

Patron Incident Reporting

PeopleSoft access (New, Modify, Delete)

PeopleSoft access (New, Modify, Delete)

POS Systems

Problem logging in to the Portal

Problem logging into the Parent Portal

Problems logging in to the Chico Portal


Project and Change Management Office (PCMO) Support

Project Closure

Property Scanner File Processing


Qualys configuration or other issue

Questions or help with Box

Questions or Help with LastPass


Ray Morgan MFP Cost Center Change

Ray Morgan MFP Printing Account

Ray Morgan MFP Supply Request

RCE Help Desk

Remodel My Course

Remote Desktop Access

Remove agent

Report a compromised account

Report a compromised system

Report a problem with cabling

Report a Problem with TeamDynamix

Report a problem with telephone service

Report a problem with voicemail service

Report a Problem/Suggestion with a Data Report

Report a spam or phishing email

Report an issue or problem with calendars

Report an issue or problem with campus email

Report an issue with classroom equipment

Report an issue with conference room technology

Report an Issue with Multifactor Authentication (Duo) or Request a Token

Report an issue with PeopleSoft

Report an issue with the Campus Directory

Reporting System Access

Reporting System Access

Reporting System Access - B&F

Reporting System Access - Financial Services

Reporting System Access - Financial Services

Reporting System Access - HR

Request a Firewall Exception

Request a litigation hold

Request a new computer, laptop, tablet, or accessory

Request a new printer

Request a new wired connection

Request a security assessment

Request a work estimate

Request Access to Data/Reporting

Request Access to Level 1 Data in Box

Request Administrative Privileges

Request CJIS Training

Request Concur Training

Request configuration of web application scan

Request Data/Reports

Request for vulnerability exception

Request for web application vulnerability exception

Request Form Entries Export

Request mass addition of Travel Arranger or Delegate role to group of users

Request TeamDynamix Technician (TDNext) Access

Request TeamDynamix workspace access

Request to Purchase Software

Request training on Blackboard or classroom related software

Restore archived Blackboard course

Retired Faculty/Staff email retention

Routine Library Facility Projects


Schedule Change

Schedule Existing Training in CSU Learn

Scholarship Guidelines

Server co-hosting

Server Monitoring

Set up a classroom event

Set up authenticated server scan

Set up authenticated web scan

Single Sign-On assistance

Software - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Student Opt-In VPN access

Suggest a Change to Interactive Campus Map

Support for printer (Non-MFP)

Support for Ray Morgan MFP


TeamDynamix Knowledge Base

TeamDynamix Service, Workflow, or Other Update

Technology & Learning Program (TLP) help

Technology & Learning Program (TLP) Multimedia

Telecom infrastructure consultation

Telephone disconnect

Telephone feature or set change

Telephone move

Textbook Alternate Format Request

Third Party Blackboard Integrations

TLP Knowledge Base

Transfer Ownership of Box Content

Trouble connecting with VPN


University Web Hosting Options

UPD - MS Office, Other Software

UPD After Hours Emergency Support

UPD Computer

UPD Data Report

UPD Printer Support

UPD Purchase Hardware & Software

Update managed security group membership

URL Redirect


Video conferencing assistance

Voicemail box move/change

Voicemail security code reset

Voluntary course deletion

Voluntary organization deletion

Voluntary prep area deletion


Web Application Access

Web application vulnerability question

Web Hosting - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

WebTMA, MS Office, Other Software Issues

Wildcat Card Application and Card Reader/Device Support

Wildcat ID Card

Wireless gaming NAT exception


YourWeb Support


Zoom Video Conferencing