Report a spam or phishing email


To report a spam or phishing email, you can either click on "Request Service" to the right or use the Phish Alert Button:

Phishing scams are attempts by hackers and cybercriminals to steal personal information or hijack computing resources for nefarious purposes. The most common (and most successful) phishing scams are emails that appear to come from a legitimate source ("Chico IT Help Desk", your bank, PayPal) and contain a link that directs you to legitimate-looking web pages to verify your account details (phone number, email, etc.). Often these will display some sense of urgency, severe actions (URGENT: Office 365 Account Deletion), or say that there was an "Administrative Action" on your account. 

Please see below for best practices for keeping your Chico State account secure:
1) Report all suspicious emails by using the Phish Alert Button
2) Never approve any uninitiated Duo prompts or share the Duo Passcode. If you receive these, change your Chico State password immediately.
3) Never share passwords, ID numbers, or personal information via email or online forms; Chico State will never request your information this way.
4) Examine emails carefully. They will often have spelling or grammatical errors, suspicious email signatures, a false sense of urgency, threats to delete your accounts, requests for personal information, and more.

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