Service Catalog

Categories (13)

Password resets, locked accounts, and new/updated account requests.

Get help with email, calendar or Box, or report a problem.

Get help or request a new computer, printer, or software, or get help with a smart classroom.

Support for Blackboard, CSU Learn, Zoom, Kaltura, and other learning technologies.

Campus network service and access.

Landline telephone, voicemail service, and wireless devices.

Request reports and get help with administrative applications (PeopleSoft, etc.).

Project requests, IT department consulting, and other specialty services.

Request website content updates and upgrades, Cascade Server support, accessibility assistance, and more.

Services related to server and application security, identity theft, data breaches, and copyright.

Server, database, and hosting services.

Services used internally by individual Colleges and Departments.

Services not categorized elsewhere.