Software - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Click the "Request Service" button to use this ITPR form to request review of an initial software purchase, or the renewal of software that already exists. Software renewals are reviewed annually because software versions change quickly and the scope of the software's use can increase significantly over a year's time. 

Please note that ITPRs are not required for the following items, but they do still require an exception to purchase with a University procurement card (since software is a prohibited purchase on a procurement card).

  • electronic articles used by one person (e.g online newspaper and journal subscriptions)
  • individual LinkedIn subscriptions
  • electronic graphics and images (e.g. clip art and SnapChat filters)
  • templates for use in existing software packages
  • audio and video clips

An ITPR is also not required for software that will be used by a single person on their own computer, with the following exceptions:

  •  Software that stores or processes level 1 data (confidential information) will require an ITPR.
  •  Software intended for use by an entire department or class will require an ITPR.

All software installed must be a current supported version and properly licensed for use on University computers (many popular 'free' software applications are only free for home use... not use on campus).

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