Help removing malware/virus

If a PC or Macintosh workstation in a supported department is believed to be infected with malware or a virus, IT Support Services can investigate and remove the offending software. Symptoms may be obvious, such as a repeating virus detection notice or less obvious, like slow performance or erratic browser behavior.

Most Windows PC infections cannot be easily removed and in most cases, IT Support Service will elect to "re-image" the PC. This means that the data is backed up, the hard drive is reformatted, a fresh copy of Windows and the suite of standard campus applications are loaded from a standard campus disk image, and user data is restored.

Unless there is a stated business need to not upgrade, the latest supported version of Windows, Office and other standard applications will be included. In some cases this will mean users may require additional support or training which can be obtained by contacting the IT Support Services Service Desk. Any additional applications beyond the standard campus image will need to be re-loaded by the user or their area technician.

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