Textbook Alternate Format Request

The Textbook Alternate Format ticket provides students with alternate formats of their textbooks. Alternate formats can include Kurzweil files, MP3 files, and searchable PDFs. Students requesting alternate formats of their textbooks may submit a ticket to this office. Please ensure you have your class schedule for this semester and your proof of purchase. If you have not purchased your books yet, you may continue with the ticket submission. We ask that you provide proof of purchase as soon as possible.

Please note: For liability purposes, if we have not received any proof of purchase by the third week of the semester, we will have to take the books out of your account.

If you have any questions, please call or email Accessible Technology & Services of the TEIN Department. The contact information is listed below.

Email: oats@csuchico.edu

Phone: 530-898-4316

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