Letter of Recommendation Release Request

Please use this ticket to submit requests for the Human Resources (HR)/Faculty Affairs and Success (FAAF) review of or response to written or verbal reference requests for current or former campus Faculty, Administrators, Staff, or Student Employees (including academic student employees) pursuant to the CSU Employment Policy Governing the Provision of Employee References.

CSU employees who are asked to provide letters of recommendation or other formal requests for references for current/former employees on behalf of the CSU must confer with HR or FAAF prior to responding to the request or provide their finalized letter of recommendation to HR/FAAF for review prior to submission. HR/FAAF shall review the employee’s personnel file, if available, and shall inquire of the campus Title IX/DHR office as required by the policy, when applicable.

CSU will not provide any official positive letters of recommendation or reference, either verbally or in writing, for a current or former CSU employee who: (i) is subject to a finding that the CSU employee has engaged in misconduct that resulted in the employee being non-retained, terminated, or is separated through mutually agreed upon settlement terms; (ii) is currently under investigation for misconduct or violation of university policy (in abeyance until the completion of the investigation and any appeals); or (iii) has had their retirement benefits rescinded under The Public Employees' Pension Reform Act due to criminal misconduct associated with their official duties. In such cases, HR/FAAF shall inform the party requesting the reference of CSU’s employee reference policy and provide an employment verification only, as set forth below, for the current or former CSU employee.

Personal references are permissible. Such references must clearly identify that they are being provided in an individual capacity and not on behalf of the CSU.  Personal references cannot be on CSU letterhead. Any references made outside of HR/FAAF, and where no check-in or review with HR/FAAF has occurred, will be considered personal and not to have been provided on behalf of the CSU.

References by presidents, executives, or other university officers in senior administrative positions may be perceived as being provided on behalf of the University by virtue of their position. Therefore, such individuals must also consult with HR/FAAF to determine whether letters of recommendation or positive references are appropriate and may be provided, even in their personal capacity.

See the full policy for details:

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