Approval Workflow Updates & Questions

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Approval workflows are defined in various ways. This service request can be used to communicate if items submitted have routed to an incorrect or vacant approver or if an update needs to be made, depending on which workflow is involved.

  • The reports to approver is a data element tied to an employee’s HR record and is a required approver in the travel workflow in both the request and expense modules. If a reports-to approver has separated or an employee has changed departments their activity may be routed to a missing or incorrect approver. Please make sure necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted to HR. We can manually route submissions to the right person until the HR record is updated.
  • The Budget approver is a department-based approval that potentially has two layers.
    • Request (required) – Campus defined minimum signature authority (Admin III) for a college or admin unit.
    • Expense (optional) – Budgetary reviewer (i.e. AAS or comparable budget oversight for admin units)
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