Project and Change Management Consultation

Requirements Gathering:

The foundation of effective process improvement is understanding the requirements and expectations. Our requirements-gathering service helps you collect, analyze, and prioritize requirements, ensuring you capture all essential details and facilitating the development of optimized processes and technology solutions.

Project Planning:

Guidance on selecting and implementing project management methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid).  Tailoring plans to suit the specific needs and nuances of IT projects.

Change Management:

Selecting a right-sized change management approach for your project.  Stakeholder analysis and engagement strategies.  Planning for effective communication to facilitate smooth transitions during change initiatives.

Time / Capacity Planning:

Balancing and prioritizing staff availability and workloads with projects.  We can help with guidance for estimating resource availability with the Resource Management tool (TDX).

Project Risk Management:

Help with assessing and mitigating project risks.  Establishing risk management plans and protocols.

Stakeholder Management:

Assistance in identifying and managing expectations of internal and external stakeholders.  Guidance for developing a communication and engagement plan.

Process Improvement Events:

Assistance with planning and executing a collaborative process improvement workshop where we’ll define your current state, help identify inefficiencies, and facilitate discussions to streamline processes. Whether you need to optimize specific workflows or initiate larger organization-wide change, our events can be tailored to meet your objectives.

Process Mapping:

Understanding your current processes is the first step towards meaningful change. Our process mapping service provides you with a visual roadmap of your operations. We can train or guide you in utilizing various process mapping techniques like flowcharts, swim lane diagrams, and value stream mapping to visualize current processes.

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