Request a new printer

There are several types of printers that can be requested: an office copier (Multi-function printer), a networked printer, or a desktop (individual) printer.

Office Copier

IT Support Services centrally manages the Office Copier Program which provides departments with self-service, multi-functional Canon machines that copy, print, scan, and fax. Campus participants are provided with paper, toner, staples, and full-service maintenance, as well as the equipment itself from The Ray Morgan Company. Charges are on a per-page basis and can either be charged to the department monthly, or departments can fund “debit” accounts for individuals. More information about the Office Copier program can be found here:

Networked Printer

A networked printer allows departments or work groups to all access a central printer that may have functions that exceed or compliment the standard Office Copier, such as color or special paper sizes. Adding a new networked printer on campus involves several steps and multiple IT departments working in coordination. IT Support Services can assist in coordinating the necessary work.

There are several steps and requirements to introducing a new printer to campus:

  1. An active network port must either exist in the desired location or be added (network charges will apply)
  2. The printer needs to be purchased, set-up, and plugged into the network
  3. A "Static IP" will need to be assigned to the printer
  4. A Print Queue will need to be created on the Print Server "Printers"
  5. Workstations need to configured to see/use the new printer

There’s no cost for printer set-up, static IP, print queue set-up or workstation set-up. The department will be responsible for purchasing the printer and any supplies (toner and paper) or repairs. If a new network port is required there will be an associated charge.

Desktop Printer

Desktop printers are for individual use and need to be plugged directly into a user’s computer. They are the most expensive printing option and are strongly discouraged, but may be appropriate in some circumstances.

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