Hardware - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Click the "Request Service" button to use this ITPR form to request review of an initial hardware purchase that does not include bundled desktop or server software. 

Please note that ITPRs are not required for:
 - lab equipment with no software
 - printers, iPads, or computers purchased through ITSS
 - webcams used for videoconferencing or lecture recording
 - flash drives used for non-confidential data (no Level 1 or Level 2 data)
 - conference room telephones
 - computer monitors, TVs, or projectors
 - wireless presenters for classroom use ("PowerPoint clickers")
 - keyboards, mice, digital pens, desktop speakers, headsets
 - internal computer parts (for repair/upgrade of existing equipment only)
 - USB hubs, docking stations, adapters, and cables (except network patch cables)
 - UPS battery backups for desktop computers
 - microphones, video and sound processing equipment
 - proprietary components used by FMS in building management systems (except for computers and items that connect to a network)
 - general office equipment (e.g. calculators, electric staplers, label printers, etc.)

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