Chico State 360 Bulk SMS Text Authorization

Please submit a service request here to request access to Chico State 360 bulk text messaging tools. This request needs to be reviewed and approved by the Chico State 360 Advisory Committee. If approved, additional licensing and text messaging fees may apply, depending upon your department’s communication plan requirements.

Unit Procedure Requirements:
-Review the Chico State 360 Bulk Text Policy & Best Practices and the Chico State Bulk Comm MOU documents attached

-Identify the main communication contact for your department

-Submit an annual communications plan that details the purpose, content, frequency, and audiences of text messages

-The annual communications plan is reviewed by the Office of University Communications and the Chico State 360 Advisory Committee; approval must be received in order to move forward

-Communications plan approved

-Work with the Chico State 360 team to execute the communications plan

Request Service


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