Request Administrative Privileges

Please Note: Make Me Admin will not be granted if you are installing software that is not related to campus business or coursework.  All requests are reviewed and software installation is monitored.  If you are prompted for admin credentials during an update, try reinstalling the application using the Software Center (PC) or Self Service (Mac). If you are installing an approved application or driver that is not in Software Center (PC) or Self-Service (Mac), use the "Help installing and configuring software" service to request ITSS assistance.

For campus users that are involved in a business activity that requires frequent software installing, testing, removing, patching or updating of specialty software:

Request the ability to self-elevate administrative privileges for campus workstations as needed for work purposes. This cannot be granted on high security workstations.

The MakeMeAdmin service allows you to elevate your account to administrator for 30 minutes whenever you need to. You don’t have to request it through ITSS every time:

  • On a PC, simply run the MakeMeAdmin application again for another 30 minutes of admin access.
  • On a Mac, just go back into Self Service and click the icon again for another 30 minutes of admin access.

The intent is to allow you to elevate your privileges to make a configuration change or install or uninstall a piece of software, but then to have your account revert to a standard user for most of the time. This allows us to meet the system-wide policy of limiting administrative privileges to “specific tasks and not for general work activities” and yet still allows you to get your work done with minimal interference.

Please do not remove any software that was installed by ITSS (antivirus, Malwarebytes, Global Protect, etc.) or create any local user accounts; these actions would be in violation of CSU policy and would result in the loss of the MakeMeAdmin functionality.


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