Contractor/Vendor access request

Request to be used when a Contractor or Vendor requires access to any campus resources or campus data.
*Contractors/Vendors with access to a server(s) require a VPN account. This limits the vendor's access to the required server(s).

A confidentiality form is required for all contractor/vendor access to Campus data. The confidentiality form will be obtained by the Information Security Office using Adobe Sign.
* Form will be sent to Contractor's email provided in the request
* Form will route to the Requester to initial their agreement
* Form will route to the Appropriate Administrator (MPP/Dean/VP) for final approval.
Upon approval, Information Security will set up an account for the Contractor/Vendor to use.

The Access Request form is available to gather the information needed to complete this request. It is not a required document.

Related Info 

  • Accounts will only be issued by an individual contractor/vendor and must not be shared.
  • The Information Security Office will send a confidentiality form to the contractor/vendor through Adobe Sign. This MUST be completed prior to any access being granted.
  • The campus Department contact is responsible for ensuring that a current contract with the campus and the contractor/vendor is on file with Procurement. A copy of the current contract should be provided with this request.

Requirements for remote access to university systems and networks can be found in ISO Domain 15: Supplier Relationships Standard.

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