CSU Learn is a learning management system (LMS) provided by Skillsoft/SumTotal. The LMS allows the CSU to assign, track, and leverage content ranging from mandatory professional development to compliance.

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Pinned Article Please don't close the tracking popup

If you close the tracking popup, CSU Learn may lose progress or fail to record completion.

Accessing CSU Learn on Wildcat Remote Desktop

Tutorial for users wanting to complete assigned training activities in CSU Learn through the Remote Desktop in the Wildcat Lab on a mobile device.

Disabling Pop-up Blockers

Learn how to disable your pop-up blocker before launching your assigned training.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows and Mac

Step by step guide to taking a screenshot on your device.

I am retired, why am I still getting assigned training?

Knowledge Base article for retired or inactive users who still receive assigned trainings.

Registering and Re-Registering for Activity Structures

A guide on registering and starting activities that are part of an activity structure/curriculum.

Student Title IX Training Browser Security Error

Steps for solving browser security error in CSU Learn

Supported browsers for CSU Learn

Internet Explorer is not supported. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred.

Tutorial for Using "What is my Browser"

Step-by-step tutorial for using "What is my Browser" and updating your browser.

Viewing Your Training Transcript in CSU Learn

How to view your complete transcript, not just recent history.

Where can I learn how to navigate the CSU Learn system?

Video tutorial on navigating CSU Learn