I am retired, why am I still getting assigned training?

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Question: I shouldn't receive compliance training because I am RETIRED or FERP-ing. Could you remove me from the training list?


Answer: Compliance training is assigned to all employees with an active status. Currently, either your employee or payroll status is listed as "active" in the PeopleSoft HR system. Please contact your last HR liaison or HR Payroll and ask them to adjust your status to "inactive". Changing your status from "active" to "inactive" in PeopleSoft will automatically remove all your current and any future training assignments in CSU Learn. FERP-ing faculty are required to take compliance training during their active teaching semesters. If you have any questions, or believe you are not active with the university please contact HR at pdev@csuchico.edu for CSE contact CSEHR@csuchico.edu

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