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Information about Canvas, CSU Learn, Zoom, Kaltura, and other learning technologies.

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Ally is a software solution designed to support faculty members in creating accessible course content within Canvas.


Canvas is Chico State's student learning management system.

CSU Learn

CSU Learn assigns, tracks, and leverages content ranging from mandatory professional development to compliance.

Follett Discover

Follett Discover is a powerful online tool that transforms the course materials discovery and adoption process for faculty and helps students obtain, organize and instantly access their required and recommended course materials from within your learning management system.

Google Apps

Information and tutorials about Google Suite Applications supported by Chico State; Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.

Kaltura Video

Kaltura is Chico State's video platform that allows students, faculty, and staff to upload, manage, and publish video content in Canvas and beyond.


Perusall is a socially collaborative reading platform available for integration into Canvas.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling software that allows participants to respond to polls or surveys synchronously or asynchronously from their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Results are tabulated and can be displayed in real time on-screen.


Proctorio is an online proctoring software product purchased by the campus that integrates with Canvas.
Proctorio is being used for some courses, mostly fully online courses, to provide a measure of academic integrity while taking exams online.


Pronto is a 3rd party messaging tool that integrates with Canvas. Pronto provides a fun and easy way to send messages that include text, photos, audio, and video without sharing phone numbers. Pronto enables more of a fluid, personal communication than Canvas announcements and Inbox, but does not necessarily replace Canvas announcements.


Respondus is a system-wide licensed 3rd party software solution to import and export tests.
NOTE: Respondus is ONLY available for PC.

From Canvas, select Help, then Start your Search Here.
Enter "Respondus" to get to the article with a download link and the license key.
It requires administrative privileges to install on your machine.


Turnitin enables instructors and students to check the similarity of student work comparing submissions to other sources on the Internet and in Turnitin's extensive database. Turnitin similarity check is now available for Canvas assignments.

Zoom Virtual Conferencing

Zoom is Chico State’s video conferencing solution available to all students, faculty, and staff.

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Pinned Article How do I recover grades and content from Blackboard Learn as an instructor?

Instructors needing to recover grades, submissions, or content from the now-defunct Blackboard Learn system at Chico State can contact Learning Technology Services for access. Data recovery is necessary because only some content was transferred to Canvas, with grades and submissions retained in separate backups.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning

How to access LinkedIn Learning

Accommodate HQ

Accommodate HQ is a valuable tool that simplifies the process of accommodating students with special needs in your Canvas courses.

Cengage LMS Integration

The Cengage LMS Integration is a publisher integration that provides seamless integration with educational products such as Access WebAssign and MindTap into Canvas.

Impact (Formerly Eesysoft)

Instructure Impact is a tool that monitors the interactions of individual users, including faculty and students, within Canvas, allowing IT Support to measure the activity level and use of key functionality within your learning environment.


Labster is a virtual laboratory simulation tool integrated with Canvas designed to enhance science education.


MATLAB Grader is an assessment tool created by MathWorks that allows instructors to create interactive MATLAB assignments, automatically grade student work, provide feedback and view performance analytics.

MyOpenMath Publisher

MyOpenMath is a free, open-source, and online platform designed to support mathematics education. Use this guide to setup MyOpenMath content in your Canvas course.