Where do I find my Completion Certification?

Completed trainings will immediately show in your training transcript as well as in a completion certificate that will be sent to your email. This verifies that you have completed the training.

If you do not receive an email with your certification and it does not exist in your training transcript, then the training has not been fully completed and you must go back to the training and complete each step. If you are being notified that there is a training you must complete then you did not finish it 100%, you will only be notified if you have not completed all requirements.

If you believe that you have finished the training then refer to your email or training transcript in CSU Learn for a completion certification. It is common to mix up certain learning activities and finding your certificate of completion can remove any confusion of which activities you have finished. Before submitting a ticket request for an activity you think you finished be sure to check for a certificate of completion in your email.


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