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This guide offers step-by-step instructions for instructors on addressing common accessibility issues in Canvas, as identified by the Ally Course Accessibility Report, including how to fix images, documents, and where to seek further assistance.
This comprehensive guide outlines practical and effective strategies for creating accessible content in Canvas LMS, offering step-by-step instructions, resources, and support to guide you on this journey of inclusive education.
Describes Canvas course design considerations for faculty to evaluate high-quality features of sample courses and create courses using best practices.
Kurzweil 3000 is an inclusive technology, text-to-speech, learning tool that supports the concept of Universal Design for Learning with a collection of powerful reading, writing, test-taking, and study skill tools that makes content accessible and efficient to all students, staff, and faculty. is a free web application and mobile application that converts live speaking into a written transcription. You can get real-time streaming transcripts and, within minutes, rich, searchable notes with text, audio, images, speaker ID, and key phrases.
Video captions ensure accessibility for students with hearing impairments and helps the university comply with state and federal laws. Use this guide to add or edit captions on your Kaltura videos.
This article describes how to implement good table practices by including table headers and table captions in the HTML code source.
This articles describes best practices for writing link text in a compliant format.
Identifying accessibility error messages in Cascade, and how to correct them.