Viewing Your Training Transcript in CSU Learn

Once you log into the CSU Learn homepage, click on the Transcript button.

The Transcript button will take you directly to your training record, which provides a history of all courses completed (including records from CSU Learn and the old DTS system).


Use the Date Range pull-down menu and make sure to select ALL to view your entire training history or select a specific year or a date range.


In the top-right corner, you can choose Print to create a paper copy, or Export to PDF to to create a copy in an electronic format.


Within your transcript, you can click on any Diploma Icon to view your certificate of completion for a specific training. Clicking on this icon will open a popup window to show your certificate, which you can print or export to PDF.

Please consider the environment before printing your transcript or certificate. Whenever possible, use Export to PDF to share your transcript in electronic format.

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