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If your Chico State account gets compromised, follow these steps to secure your account.
List of campus provided software for Staff, Faculty, and Students for both campus and personal devices.
Click above for information and instructions about the OnDemand VPN client for Windows devices
Connect to the wireless with Game Consoles, Smart TVs, Media Streaming Devices, Barcode Scanners and more!
Guide for students to acquire Microsoft 365 apps, which includes programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
This article will cover scheduling messages in Microsoft Teams.
Third-Party Software Updates are the release of updates from many of the Third Parties that make software that is not from Microsoft.
Monthly Software Updates are Microsoft's monthly release of security fixes for the Windows operating system and other Microsoft software. It is also referred to as Patch Tuesday.
This is a training guide that explores the Help section in Teams. It teaches you how to access support, find answers, and utilize troubleshooting tools. You'll learn to use the search feature to find help articles, contact support for personalized assistance, and navigate through various resources for self-help. The course also highlights how to provide feedback on Teams features and participate in user communities to share insights and learn from others.
is a training guide focusing on the Profile section in Teams. It shows you how to customize your profile, manage your status, and adjust settings. This article also covers how to access and personalize notifications and language settings, ensuring your Teams experience is tailored to your preferences.
This is a training guide that covers the Settings section in Teams that guides Windows users through customizing their Teams experience. It covers notification management, privacy settings, account personalization, and Office integration. This article aims to enhance productivity and collaboration by teaching users to tailor Teams settings to their needs.
This is a training guide that covers the Meet section in Teams. It allows you to schedule, join, and manage meetings. You can schedule a new meeting, view upcoming meetings, and join a meeting directly from the Meet section. You can also view the details of a meeting, invite participants, and start an instant meeting.
This is a training guide that covers OneDrive in Microsoft Teams. It allows you to access and manage your OneDrive files within Teams. You can view, upload, share, and collaborate on files with colleagues in real-time. You can organize files into folders, search for files, manage file versions, and sync files to your local device for offline access.
This is a training guide that covers the Calls section in Microsoft Teams. The Calls section allows you to make and receive audio and video calls directly within the Teams interface. You can view your call history, manage your voicemail, and access your contacts and speed dial. You can also make calls to other Teams users, as well as to external phone numbers if your organization has enabled this feature. To access the Calls section, click on the Calls icon in the left-hand navigation menu.
This is a training guide that covers the Calendar section in Microsoft Teams. The Calendar section allows you to view and manage your schedule, schedule and join meetings directly within the Teams interface. You can view your calendar by day, work week, or week, see all your scheduled events and meetings, create new events and meetings, invite attendees, and set reminders. To access the Calendar section, click on the Calendar icon in the left-hand navigation menu.