COVID 19 - Wildcat ID Card Process for Faculty/Staff/Students


For NEW Faculty/Staff or Student - create a service ticket to request an ID Card at the Wildcat Card Request Page

Please follow the instructions and criteria provided below to submit your ID Card Photo. If you need a replacement ID, (students have to put $2.00 on their wildcat account through the GET application) please submit a service request at the link above.  We will use your existing photo for your new card.


Wildcat ID Picture Criteria    

What does an appropriate picture look like?  

  • Use a neutral background color (for example; white, light blue or cream)
    • kitchen and bedroom walls make good backgrounds
  • Picture should be taken shoulders up -- passport style [ you can smile in your picture! ]
  • Clothing is required


 Please do not wear these following items when taking your photo 

  • Beanies/hats 
  • Headphones  
  • Scarves  
  • Lanyards  
  • Sunglasses 


 Please do not 

  • Put a filter on your picture  
  • Include friends/other family in the picture  
  • Use a busy background


Your Photo Should Look Similar To This! 















To Submit Your Photo Follow the Instructions Below:

Step 1: Log into using your Chico State credentials.


Step 2: Click the “Submit ID Photo”


Step 3: Click “upload photo” at the bottom of the screen and choose your photo from your device


Our ID Card Staff will review your photo after submission. We will send an email to you if the photo is rejected. If it is approved, it will appear in your ID Card profile. 





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