I cannot access CSU Learn

I am a new employee and received an error "Your account is not provisioned"

New employee data is entered into HR systems during cycles that are determined by the State Controller’s Office. New employee pay data is typically entered around two weeks before the employee’s first paycheck is disbursed. After the data is entered, it takes 48 hours for the Chancellor's Office to provision a CalStateEduPersonID that links to your Campus ID so that you can access CSU Learn. This process is automatic and occurs nightly.

Log in here to check your CalStateEduPersonID status.

If you see a green checkmark in every field, your CalStateEduPersonID has been provisioned.

I have received my first paycheck and still cannot access CSU Learn

If you have received your first paycheck and, still cannot access CSU Learn, please submit a ticket which includes the following information:

  • Your Campus ID (example: 004559218)
  • Your primary email (example: jdoe@csuchico.edu)
  • Your employment start date (example: January 1, 2019)

You can send this information to training@csuchico.edu to open a ticket.





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