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Turnitin Plagiarism Detection is a powerful tool integrated into Canvas that helps educators identify potential instances of plagiarism in student submissions. Follow these steps to enable Turnitin Plagiarism Detection for a Canvas assignment.
Faculty and students may find themselves needing to access course materials, submissions, or records from a previous term in Canvas. Courses from previous terms are not immediately visible on the Canvas dashboard due to the platform's design, which prioritizes current and upcoming courses for a more organized user experience. Courses in previous terms can be found in your past enrollments.
Faculty can create sandboxes in Canvas to prepare content, experiment with Canvas features, or collaborate with colleagues. Sandboxes are courses that will never receive student enrollments.
Instructors encounter a "400 Bad Request" error in Canvas when trying to create a group set with a name that conflicts with an existing group set. The error is resolved by selecting a unique name for the new group set.
Steps to take when installing Respondus on your PC.
Describes Canvas page design guidelines
This article describes tips for organizing modules in Canvas
Describes the options Canvas has to display an inserted document.
Canvas offers a powerful feature called Message Students Who that allows faculty to communicate with students who fulfill certain criteria.
Overriding a grade in Canvas can be simple in some ways, and trickier (but more efficient) in other ways. This describes how to enable the Override column in the Canvas Gradebook and override grades manually in Canvas or by leveraging Excel.
Instructure Impact is a tool that monitors the interactions of individual users, including faculty and students, within Canvas, allowing IT Support to measure the activity level and use of key functionality within your learning environment.
An article containing FAQs regarding Pronto within Canvas.
Learn how to use Canvas's New Analytics to download a full course roster with students' emails.