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When instructors set up graded group discussions in Canvas, it creates both individual group discussions and a course-level discussion. If a student is not added to a group, they can post to the course-level discussion and prevent their responses from showing in SpeedGrader.
Unlike Blackboard, instructors can no longer add people to student-enrolled courses. However, instructors can add people to prep area courses.
All people are managed through an integration between PeopleSoft and Canvas. 
New people are keyed into PeopleSoft by the relevant academic department's scheduler at the direction of the department chair. ​​​​​​​
If you need to make changes to a quiz in Canvas after students have already started taking it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid any issues.
Looking at examples of real course sites can be inspiring and helpful. The following are actual course sites created by Chico State instructors who have generously shared their content.
Describes the options Canvas has to display an inserted document.
If you're encountering a pop-up window asking you to sign in when accessing your Canvas course, there might be an issue with an embedded image from Blackboard.
Describes Canvas course design considerations for faculty to evaluate high-quality features of sample courses and create courses using best practices.
Describes how to access TLP Page Layout Templates in Canvas Commons. Includes pages with tabs and accordian formats that can be used for adding course content to Canvas.
Describes recommendations for simplifying the Canvas course navigation menu to make it easier for students to find their way around the course.
This article describes how instructors can add HTML button links to a Canvas course page.
A guide for students to use Kaltura to record and embed in Canvas.
Zoom is Chico State’s video and web conferencing tool.
Students and staff can schedule, host, and record their own meetings.
This article contains prerequisites for students but staff should also find it helpful.
Use this guide to navigate the process of creating Google Collaborations in Canvas effortlessly.