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Instructions for activating your Zoom account for Chico State. This is a one time only task for faculty, students and staff who want to host and record their own Zoom meetings.
There are also instructions for adding a profile picture and creating your own Personal Meeting room.
Instructors: you can add a Zoom link to your Blackboard Learn course using the Blackboard / Zoom integration.
This is a convenient way to support virtual class meetings, etc. The link is only valid for the current semester.
This article describes the process for:
- Recording to the cloud (students must first enable cloud recording)
- Locating the cloud recording on the zoom portal (only valid for 30 days)
- Accessing recordings from Kaltura, Chico State's media server
- Embedding recordings into Blackboard
Zoom is Chico State’s video and web conferencing tool. Students can schedule, host, and record their own meetings.
Instructions for downloading and installing Zoom, with references to Acttivating your Chico State Zoom account and signing in to your Chico State Zoom account
Provides a media streaming server for staff, students and staff. Media can be shared internally in the LMS(Blackboard) and to the public.
With the increased usage of Zoom in the past year, it is critical that every single faculty member, student and staff member understand how to verify that they are signed in to Zoom using single-sign on. This ensures features such as unlimited meeting times, recording and breakout rooms will work correctly.
Describes CSU Chico Zoom login options
You can schedule a Zoom meeting a variety of ways, including from the desktop client, Outlook, Google calendar etc.
This article links you directly to Zoom's helpful tutorials for scheduling meetings.
Music can set the mood and tone for your Zoom meeting. See how to share computer sound during screen share and a trick for focusing audience attention.
Allowing Participants to choose their own breakout room is a great way to help participants easily maneuver in and out of breakout rooms. This option is available after Breakout Rooms are created during the meeting.
Beginning April 20th 2020, waiting rooms are now enabled by default for all Zoom education accounts. Find out how to effectively manage your waiting settings, participants in your waiting room, etc.