Office 365 for Students

Installing Microsoft Office

Due to changes with Microsoft licensing, Chico State students will need to install Microsoft Office differently now than they have in the past. Follow the steps below to walk through installing Office on a new device.

  1. Navigate to and click "Sign in" 
    Office website
  2. When prompted to enter an email, enter [username]
    • While this may not be your campus email, it is your “identity” that allows you to gain access to Microsoft Office.
    office sign in page with CSUC email address
  3. Enter in your Chico password, and click "Yes" on the "Stay signed in?" box. You may be prompted for Duo to complete the sign-in.
  4. On the next screen, you should see an "Install Office" drop-down on the right side.
  5. Click "Office 365 apps" and it should begin downloading an installer package.
    Install Office Drop-down options
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing Microsoft Office on your device.

If you are switching from the former [username] account to the [username] account, and already have Office installed, signing in should be simple.

  1. Open up an Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  2. Find your account management screen
    1. On PCs, this will be the top right corner. On Macs, it is top left. 
  3. Choose either "Sign out" or "Switch Accounts" and remove the [username] and/or [username] account
  4. Sign in with [username] and your Chico State password.
  5. You should be able to resume using Office as you have in the past. 

If you need to retrieve files from the former [username] account, see below for how to access those files.

If you need assistance with this process, please reach out to IT Support Services at 530-898-4357 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning late Fall 2022 semester, Chico State will migrate students from Gmail to Outlook email accounts. This migration will have an impact on anyone who has used their to create an Office 365 account. 

How will this change impact me if I have an Office 365 account that was created using the domain?

Beginning July 18, 2022, your account name will change from [username] to [username] To access your information after the change, please log in using your new account name (the and your existing password. If you have forgotten this password, you should be able to walk through the "Forgot Password" process. If you need assistance, call IT Support Services at 530-898-4357.

If you try to log in after the domain is removed from the Microsoft tenant, you will receive the following error:

Incorrect username error


When should I sign in with the

If you have files stored in OneDrive, Teams, etc. you will want to sign into the account, then download those files to your device. From there, you can re-upload them to the account, or a personal account. Afterward, you should sign out of the account, and sign into Office with the to use the services.

If you are installing Office or re-signing in (with no files saved in the cloud) you should be able to sign in directly with the [username] account and your Chico State password. 

Will I lose any of my content?

No, but it is advised that users migrate any personal data to a personal account and move their campus data to their newly created [username] account as soon as possible. Eventually, Chico State will no longer support the Office tenant and will completely disable accounts.

Additional Information

  • More information about the campus move from Gmail to Microsoft email can be found at

  • IT Support Services

    • Chat:

    • Email:

    • Phone: 530-898-4357

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