Why was I assigned training?

Trainings in CSU Learn are built and assigned in collaboration with several subject matter experts, including:

  • Academic Publications and Scheduling Services (APSS)
  • Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)
  • Associated Students (AS)
  • Creative Media and Technology (CMT)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (DIVR)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Financial Services (FIN)
  • Information Security (ISEC)
  • Labor Relations (LABR)
  • Procurement and Contract Services (PURC)
  • Professional Development (PDEV)
  • Chico State Enterprises (CSE)
  • Technology and Learning Program (TLP)
  • Title IX Coordinator

Some trainings are assigned to all state employees.

Some trainings are assigned through a combination of job codes and department codes, based on the nature of the job and department.

Some trainings are assigned manually, in collaboration with subject matter experts.

For more information, see https://www.csuchico.edu/hr/pdev/compliance-training.shtml

If you believe training was assigned to you erroneously, please open a support ticket.

Frequently asked assignment questions

QUESTION: I already completed the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program. Do I need to complete the Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program?

Yes. All state employees are required to take two of the following three courses, depending on their role:

  • CSU's Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program for Non-Supervisors
  • CSU's Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program for Supervisors
  • CSU's Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program

The compliance requirements for these courses are separate. They are not the same course.


QUESTION: I am retired or on leave. Why am I still getting assignment emails?

At this time, the training system is not able to read leave status or retirement status from PeopleSoft. Some users are listed with an active HR status, even though their payroll status has them listed as retired or on leave. If you are not actively working, you can disregard those assignment emails. If you later return to work, you can catch up on any required training at that time.

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