I completed my training, but it still shows "in progress"

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Things to check first:

Minimum time required

Certain training activities such as Sexual Harassment Prevention require a set time to review the content and complete the activities. This minimum time requirement is set by law.

For Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Supervisors - minimum of 1 hour

For Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors - minimum of 2 hours 

At the end of the training you will see a timer. If you have not reached the minimum required time, please go back and review the content again. 

Policy acknowledgment page

Some learning activities have a step on their final page which asks you to acknowledge a policy and apply an electronic signature.

In particular, the Data Security and Sexual Harassment Prevention learning activities include this step.

The final training screen will look like this:

Click on the highlighted yellow hyperlink. This will open a new window where you can read the policy. Keep in mind now you have 3 open CSU Learn windows - tracking window, policy window, and course window. After reading the policy, close that window and return to the training window (it will be minimized in your taskbar on the bottom of your screen). If you have multiple browser windows open, click ALT+Tab to circle through them and locate the training window.


Now the training window should look like that. If you don't see the checkbox make sure your ad-block (Ad-Aware. Ublock Origin etc)  is disabled.

Click on the checkbox and then Submit. Close the training window. The tracking window will automatically close and your training will be displayed as completed.



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