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If you receive a "Could not Connect" error or eduroam is only "saved" and not connected, please visit our office in MLIB 142 during our business hours. You may be experiencing account problems, such as account locks, Deny roles, or an unsatisfactory password.

This article will cover the Eduroam setup for devices powered by Android. This includes a great many cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Please be aware that many manufacturers who use Android on their hardware (Samsung, LG, etc) will make small tweaks to the graphics and menu options so your screens may not perfectly match those shown in this guide. There are also some variations based on different versions of Android. You may have to "look around" to find some of the settings and menus but for the most part, the process is consistent. Screenshots shown here are from a Google Pixel device running Android 11 with all current updates.


 How To Remove Eduroam

1. Find the SecureW2 JoinNow MultiOS application icon on your device and give it a long press, then select "App info" from the pop-up menu

 select "App info" from the pop-up menu


2. Select "Uninstall" from the menu

Uninstall JoinNow App

3. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to uninstall this app. Please tap "OK"

Uninstall confirmation

4. By removing the SecureW2 application you are removing all previous connection profiles for "eduroam" wireless. You are now disconnected from "eduroam"


Alternate Removal Method:

1.  Pull down from to top of the screen and tap to select "Wireless" or "Wi-Fi" shown here on the far left



2. From the list of Wi-Fi networks, long press on "eduroam" and select "Forget"

Forget Eduroam

3. You should now be disconnected from the "eduroam" wireless

How To Setup Eduroam:

1. Pull down from to top of the screen and tap to select "Wireless" or "Wi-Fi" shown here on the far left



2. In the list of available Wi-Fi networks, tap or long tap "eduroam" to select and connect

Connect to Eduroam


3. Once "eduroam" is selected you will be asked to configure a few things with your connection. Please note the following:

EAP method:  PEAP

Phase 2 authentication:  MSCHAPV2

CA certificate:  Use system Certificates  (if this option is not available select:  Do Not Validate)

Online Certificate Status: Request certificate status


Identity:  your

Password: your Chico password (email, portal, etc)

** Other fields can be left blank.


4: After the above items have been configured, select "Connect"

Connected successfully


5. You should now be connected to Eduroam! 

Please note: Some devices have shown a short delay on the first connection. Please be patient.


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