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A brief article explaining how to connect to a machine with Microsoft Projects through the Wildcat lab. This also includes how to save projects to the desktop.
Frequently asked questions about Pronto from faculty and students
Instructions for activating your Zoom account for Chico State. This is a one time only task for faculty, students and staff who want to host and record their own Zoom meetings.
There are also instructions for adding a profile picture and creating your own Personal Meeting room.
Instructions for locating Pronto download for mobile devices and first time acess
Resources to help you get started with Pronto in your Blackboard Learn course.
- You must enable Pronto in your Blackboard Learn course BEFORE students can use message their classmates.
- Note: Pronto may take up to 24 hours to activate, sync, and add all course students.
Do not add video to Blackboard as File Attachments. Instead, upload video to Kaltura, Chico State's streaming media server (similar to YouTube) and then bring it into Blackboard.
Instructors: you can add a Zoom link to your Blackboard Learn course using the Blackboard / Zoom integration.
This is a convenient way to support virtual class meetings, etc. The link is only valid for the current semester.
Faculty who want a single, Zoom meeting for all of their online office hours can create a recurring Zoom meeting and then copy/paste the link into a content folder in each Blackboard Learn course.
Enabling Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms, Creating Pre-Assigned Rooms/Users for your Meeting, Import from CSV, Enabling Forced Authentication and teaching students SSO, Allow Participants to Choose Their Own Breakout Room, Recreate and Recover to Pre-Assigned Rooms, Troubleshooting
The meeting host can enable participants to choose their own breakout room. This helps make breakout rooms easier to manage.
How to track participation / take attendance in a zoom meeting
Process for enabling polling, creating and launching polling.
If Kaltura is having prolonged issues, you can share a direct link to the zoom recording from Warning: the Zoom cloud recordings are only valid for 30 days.
This article organizes all of the Zoom knowledge base articles by "big picture" process flow.
This article describes the process for:
- Recording to the cloud (students must first enable cloud recording)
- Locating the cloud recording on the zoom portal (only valid for 30 days)
- Accessing recordings from Kaltura, Chico State's media server
- Embedding recordings into Blackboard
Your frequently asked questions answered.
Zoom is Chico State’s video and web conferencing tool. Students can schedule, host, and record their own meetings.
This article will walk you through, step by step, adding an additional mailbox in Outlook 2016.