Registering and Re-Registering for Activity Structures

Some activities are certifications, which require to be completed more than once. E.g. annually or every two years. For these kinds of activities, the user will have to register the first time and then re-register for every time the training is attempted after that.

Activities that require registration will send you this message if you have not registered prior to starting the activity:

"Sorry, this activity is not available as a standalone activity. You need to register for it as part of an activity structure. Please check with your training administrator to find out which activity contain this activity."


When this message is provided follow these steps:

Step 1: Return to your assigned learning tab and select the activity again


Step 2: This time select "Register" in the top right corner of the activity overview.


Step 3: Now you can select "Start" and complete the activity.


Note: If it is not the user's first time completing the selected training it will be displayed as "Completed" or "Attended." This does not mean that your required training has been fulfilled, it means the activity has been attended or completed previously. Once you re-register for the activity it will reset until it is completed again.


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