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You will learn the process of choosing a new minor or changing your GE Pathway. This option is only available twice per semester.
How to Make a Request for Enrollment Verification in Student Center
University policy requires Incomplete grades to be made up within one calendar year or it will be changed to ‘IC’ (Incomplete Charged) or the ‘Grade Without Further Work’ from the Agreement. If the agreement is not accepted by the student the grade will revert to an IC rather than the ‘Grade Without Further Work.’
How to Add, Drop, or Swap a Course in Student Center
How to Opt-Out of the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF) in Student Center
How to make a Payment in Student Center
e-Refund is the ability for students to have their excess financial aid or excess payment sent to them via direct deposit into their checking or savings account instead of having a physical check mailed to them. Please note that your e-Refund information stays active on your account until you withdraw.
Students are required to complete a Financial Agreement prior to registering for any courses. Completing the agreement from the student center “Tasks”, establishes that the student understands that they are assuming all financial obligations associated with registering for courses offered by the University.
Located in the "Financials" menu option, this page is where you must Accept/Reduce/Decline your financial aid offers. You will not have any ‘Pending Aid’ to defer fees unless you have Accepted aid.