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BitLocker Disk Encryption

BitLocker is Microsoft's disk encryption tool that is designed to safely protect all the data stored on a hard drive. When the entire hard disk is encrypted, everything on that disk is protected if the computer is lost or stolen.

CSU Chico provides BitLocker file encryption for managed university computers. Contact your desktop IT staff or IT Support Services (ITSS) to enable this important service.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a program that locates Protected Level 1 data in files such as Word, Excel, PDF, or email messages. In addition to locating Protected Level 1 data, Identity Finder can perform actions on locations that contain Protected Level 1 data. Such actions include the ability to delete (Shred), redact (Quarantine), and archive your results in order to protect yourself (or others) from identity theft.

Application Catalog

The Application Catalog is the user’s gateway to the available applications that they can install. Users can install or request applications by using the web-based Application Catalog.

Multifactor Authentication (Duo)

Multifactor Authentication with Duo adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a group of applications used for design, productivity, and development. Adobe CC is available on Windows and Mac desktops, as well as some mobile devices.

All CSU, Chico Faculty, Staff, and Students have been given access to Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a program that lets users create a variety of visual content, including animations, posters, and social media posts.

To get access to the full Creative Cloud suite, you can submit a request to IT Support Services.

Articles (30)

Backing Up Bookmarks

Backing up your browser bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Enabling Adobe Reader plug-in in Chrome

This article will cover how to enable the Adobe Reader plugin for Chrome in the event that Chrome can not open a PDF with a specific type of form data.

Find Your IP and MAC Address in Windows 7

Find Your IP and MAC Address in Windows 7

How to change your password in WinSCP

This document details how to change your password in the FTP program WinSCP.

How to Check Your Java Version

This article shows you how to check which version of Java you have installed on your Mac or PC

How to Check Your Software Version - Android

This article will show you how to check which version of the android operating system your Android phone is running.

How to Clear Web Browser Cache and Cookies

This document details how to clear web browser cache and cookies on a PC and a MAC using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

How to Print Double Sided

This article explains how to print double sided from Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Adobe PDFs.

Java Security

Information and security recommendations for Java.

Keychain First Aid

This article shows you how to use Keychain First Aid if you are experiencing problems with your keychain access password.

Microsoft Azure/Project for Students

How to get Microsoft Project

Office 365 for Students

Guide for students to acquire Office 365, which includes programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Palo Alto TRAPS

Palo Alto TRAPS is an application intended to provide anti-intrusion, anti-malware, and anti-exploit services to campus systems.

Resetting your Keychain Password

If Keychain Access repeatedly asks for your password after you have entered it, or if you do not know your keychain password, it may need to be reset.

Set Screen Lock - Android

This article will cover how to add a lock screen to your Android Devices, so that a password is required each time you unlock the phone

*NOTE: This article was created using stock Android 10 on a Pixel device. Screens and menus may vary depending on your device manufacturer and Android Version*

Setting Program as Default Program in Windows

This article will walk you step by step on setting your your programs as default in Windows 7 and 10

Software Purchasing and Licensing Agreements

The CSU has several system-wide agreements in place that allow faculty and staff, and in some cases auxiliary organizations, the opportunity to obtain software at discounted prices.

TechSmith - Camtasia and Snagit Info and Installation

Information about Camtasia, Snagit, and how to install applications on both Macs and PCs.

Unblocking Applications on OSX

This page goes over the steps to allow applications from unidentified developers to be installed when blocked by OSX 10.8 and above.

Updating Browser Bookmarks

Deleting and updating browser bookmarks.

VMWare Fusion Setup

In order to run Windows Applications on your Mac computer, the University provides access to VMWare Fusion and Windows 10 Educational on their Microsoft OnTheHub site.

WinSCP Configuration for YourWeb

This document details how to configure your FTP Account information for the YourWeb in WinSPC.