MATLAB is a proprietary programming language and software client developed by MathWorks. An abbreviation of "MATrix LABoratory", it can be used for matrix manipulations, analysis of data, implementation of algorithms, and with the installation of additional packages, provides a multitude of scientific, engineering, and mathematical tools.

MathWorks and the California State University campus system have an active, multi-year system-wide agreement to provide MATLAB support to the campus. MATLAB is required for multiple sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related courses at Chico State. Check with your course instructor(s) to verify if MATLAB is required for your course.

Registering a MathWorks account

First, you will need to register a MathWorks account associated with your campus email address. To start this process, visit the MATLAB campus portal and choose your campus. This portal can be accessed at the following URL:

Next, scroll down and click the link titled "Sign in to get started" to register for an account. Use your campus email when you are asked to provide an email. Once you have registered, you will be able to install MATLAB.

Installing MATLAB on a university-owned computer

MATLAB is an approved campus program. Therefore, for university-owned computers, it can be installed as a desktop program from Software Center on Windows or Self Service on a Mac.

Accessing the Application Catalog (Windows) or Self Service (Mac)

MATLAB is a large program and may require the installation of additional packages. It is recommended to allow several hours for installation.

Installing MATLAB on a personally owned computer

Make sure you have registered for a MathWorks account and have signed in. The installation packages can be obtained from the MathWorks support website.

How to Install MathWorks products

MATLAB System Requirements

Please note that additional hard drive space may be required above the minimum if additional program packages are installed.

Note that the College of ECC programs requires students to obtain a laptop for coursework. The official ECC system requirements will also fulfill the MATLAB requirements and can be found here:

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