The Application Catalog is the user’s gateway to the available applications that they can install. Users can install or request applications by using the web-based Application Catalog.

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Accessing the Application Catalog: Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac)

This page will show you how to access the (Windows) Software Center, and (macOS) Self Service. These apps are engineered as a part of management services for Chico State-owned devices and are not available to other personal devices.

Application Catalog FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Application Catalog

Requesting Purchased Software

Some software applications in the Application Catalog are not covered under any campus software licensing agreement and require the purchase of a license.

Third-Party Software updates - Software Center on Windows

Third-Party Software Updates are the release of updates from many of the Third Parties that make software that is not from Microsoft. The software is from a party other than the OS vendor, (Microsoft) and is called Third-Party.