How do I recover grades and content from Blackboard Learn as an instructor?

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Instructors at Chico State who have transitioned from the Blackboard Learn system to Canvas may need to recover grades, submissions, or content that was not fully transferred. This issue affects instructors who need access to historical academic data that is crucial for grade verification, accreditation processes, or for personal records.


  • Courses taught in Blackboard Learn.


To recover grades, submissions, or specific content from Blackboard Learn, contact Learning Technology Services directly by emailing Provide detailed information about the course(s) and the type of data needed to expedite the retrieval process.

Root Cause

When Chico State transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas, most course content was successfully transferred. However, student grades and submissions are maintained in a separate backup system to ensure data integrity and privacy. These backups are managed exclusively by LMS administrators due to security protocols.

Still need help? Reach out to Learning Technology Services for further assistance.

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