Accessing LinkedIn Learning

As a member of Chico State’s learning community, you can access all of the resources at Butte County Library for free. To access e-resources at Butte County Library, you will need your library ID number from Chico State. You can find the library ID on the back of your Chico State photo ID, or by logging into the Portal and selecting ‘Account Center’.

Step 1: Locate your Chico State Library Card #

Your Chico State library card number can be found on the back of your Chico State ID Card*.

Back of Chico State ID Card

* NOTE: If you do not have a WildCat ID card, your library ID will not work. Please see the important note at the bottom of this article. 

If you have a Wildcat ID card, but cannot find it, you can locate your Chico State library card number in your Account Center. 

  • Log into
  • Under "My Profile" locate the section for "Library ID #"
    • Your PIN to access Butte County Library is the last 4 digits of your library card #

Personal Information in Account Center



Step 2: Access Butte County’s Library Website

Navigate to the Butte County Library website: and scroll to the bottom to find the "Library Quick Links" and then click "Use Online eResources"

Locate Butte County Library’s "Online Courses and E-Learning" section and click on LinkedIn Learning on the Butte County Library website

  • A warning pop-up will appear. Click “Proceed to Site”

On the next screen, you will need your Chico State library card number to log in.

LinkedIn Learning on the E-Learning Website



Step 3: Log into LinkedIn Learning

On the next page, select "Get Started." You will then be prompted to sign in.

  • Copy and Paste your Chico State Library ID # from Account Center
  • For the PIN, use the last four digits of your Library ID #

Click "Continue" to begin browsing the LinkedIn Learning content

LinkedIn Learning Login Page

Browse and view LinkedIn Learning content

If your instructor assigned a LinkedIn Learning course, return to your Canvas course using the same browser and click on the assigned LinkedIn Learning activity. Alternatively, you can paste the website URL into the same browser you’ve used to access the Butte County Library to access your LinkedIn Learning activity.

The direct link to "Online Courses and E-Learning" at Butte County Library:

How to access and print LinkedIn certificates of completion:

* NOTE: Your Library ID will not work if you do not haveWildcat photo ID from Chico State. You will need to either request one or apply for an instant e-card from Butte County Library. If you obtain a Butte County Library e-card, you do not need to follow the steps 1-3 and should instead log directly into Butte County Library, then click on the assigned video link.
Links in wildcat photo ID:
LInk to ecard at Butte Library:

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