Kaltura is a streaming media server, similar to YouTube. Why does streaming matter? Because streaming allows you to view video and audio without downloading huge files.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Kaltura Media Server

Provides a media streaming server for staff, students and staff. Media can be shared internally in the LMS(Blackboard) and to the public.

Pinned Article Use Kaltura to Embed Existing Video in Blackboard (students)

Do not add video to Blackboard as File Attachments. Instead, upload video to Kaltura, Chico State's streaming media server (similar to YouTube) and then bring it into Blackboard.

Upload Existing Media into your Blackboard Course (Faculty)

How to upload Kaltura Media into your Blackboard Course

Viewing Kaltura Media Analytics

This article will show you how to view user analytics for deployed Kaltura Media in blackboard. Minutes Viewed, Plays, Unique Viewers, Completion Rate, etc.