MLIB 027B Recording Options

When you enter the recording studio, follow the on screen directions. You will first be prompted to enter your username. After that, you will be be presented with two recording options. Make your selection and then proceed.

Recording Option 1: The Learning Glass

Once you make the selection to teach from The Learning Glass, relocate to behind the glass and use the confidence monitor to make sure you are in view. When you are ready to begin, press the record button on the panel, which is located right side of the desk. At this point, begin your lecture. 

Recording Option 2: Teaching From The Lectern

From the lectern, instructors can present the material of their choosing (Power Point, Word, Drive, etc). 

Recording Option 3: Audio Only

To record audio only, use the teach from lectern option.

First attach one of the lavalier micrphones to your shirt. Then, login to Zoom via SSO (Single Sign-On) with your credentials; be sure to enter 'csuchico' as the company domain if the field is not already populated.

Then, select "start without video" and "join audio conference by computer," and finally (still using  Zoom), hover over record on the lower menu and select "record to the cloud."

When you have finished your recording, the audio-only file should be in your Kaltura media space and Zoom account.


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