Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling software that allows participants to respond to polls or surveys synchronously or asynchronously from their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Results are tabulated and can be displayed in real time on-screen.

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Pinned Article Accessing Poll Everywhere

This article provides instructions for both instructor and student access to Poll Everywhere.
Instructors create and configure polls from https://www.polleverywhere.com/
Students respond to polls from https://www.pollev.com/

Pinned Article Getting Started with Poll Everywhere

This getting started article organizes all of the Poll Everywhere articles by where they fit in the typical teaching and learning process.

Exporting Poll Everywhere Scores to Canvas

This is an article showing how to export Poll Everywhere scores to Canvas.

Importing Your Blackboard Learn Student Roster to Poll Everywhere

Instructors who want to track student responses to Poll Everywhere polls in Blackboard Learn can easily import their Blackboard Learn course roster to Poll Everywhere by creating a link in their Blackboard Learn course.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a tool that can be used to turn class lectures and meetings into interactive experiences.

Poll Everywhere FAQs & Known Issues

Contains a list of instructors' frequently asked questions as well as known issues

Poll Everywhere Grading Tips & Strategies

Includes general grading tips about using Poll Everywhere for formative assessment, planning on whether you want to evaluate students' overall grade percentage vs participation percentage, and how Blackboard Learn treats Poll Everywhere grade data.

Weighted Grades in Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere's “weighted grades” feature allows presenters to assign a point value to any multiple-choice activity answer or clickable image region.

Changing the Default Points for Poll Answers

This article describes the extra step necessary to change the points assigned to a poll and its answers. By default, each Poll is worth 1 point.

Exporting Poll Everywhere Scores to Blackboard Learn

This article describes how to export Poll Everywhere data to your Blackboard Learn