Impact (Formerly Eesysoft)

What is Impact?

Instructure Impact is a tool that monitors the interactions of individual users, both faculty and students, within Canvas and other web-based applications. It allows IT Support to measure the activity level and use of key functionality within your learning environment, making it easy for IT Support to identify users who are doing well and those who are in need of support.

Instructure Impact provides faculty and students with an easy way to submit support requests directly from the support center via call, email, or a chat plug-in. Support requests are sent with all the relevant user info, from Course ID to Browser and OS information, to our institutions’ help desk. Further, their in-context communication tools allow IT Support to take action effectively and communicate with individual and groups of users during their actual application usage. This communication can either be proactive or by offering them on-demand context-sensitive help.

Resources for Impact

If you would like to learn more about Instructure Impact and its features, you can find additional information on their website:

Instructure Impact Vendor Website

If you have any questions about Instructure Impact or need additional support, you can visit their support website:

Instructure Impact Support Website

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