Canvas is Chico State's student learning management system.

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Answers to common questions and issues students encounter in Canvas.

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Answers to common questions and issues faculty encounter in Canvas.

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Frequently-Asked Questions and Known Issues for faculty, students and staff.

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What course roles are available in Canvas?

Canvas allows people to access a course in a variety of roles, depending on their instructor role in PeopleSoft. Use this reference to understand the level of access each role permits and their use cases.

What integrations are available in Canvas?

Canvas offers a wide range of integrations to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Policies and Procedures Governing Canvas

The policies governing Canvas at Chico State prioritize user privacy, data integrity, and clear procedures for course access and content management, in alignment with FERPA and university standards. Account creation is automated based on a user's affiliations and enrollments, with course access being strictly regulated, and provisions made for special circumstances such as course cross-listing, instructor reassignment, and course extensions.

How are course IDs generated in Canvas?

Course IDs in Canvas are generated based on data from PeopleSoft and can be broken down into distinct parts.

Canvas Instance Management

Academic Technology maintains several Canvas instances in addition to the main production environment that facilitate functional and system testing as well as integration development.

Change Management in Canvas

Chico State strives to maintain an updated, secure Learning Management System. This article outlines our policies for managing updates and maintenance to our learning technology ecosystem.