Canvas will be replacing Blackboard as Chico State's student learning management system.

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Using the Chico State Canvas Template (Faculty)

Provides detailed instructions for using the Chico State Canvas template applied to all courses by default.

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Adding Zoom Office Hours in Canvas

If you only plan on using Zoom for office hours for your Canvas course you can schedule a Zoom meeting for office hours, and paste the link directly to your Canvas home page. This enables you to start the meeting directly from your Canvas home page. More importantly, your office hours link will remain intact, even after a course copy each semester.

Canvas Displays a Login Prompt When I View or Edit a Page

If you're encountering a pop-up window asking you to sign in when accessing your Canvas course, there might be an issue with an embedded image from Blackboard.

Canvas Document Display Options

Describes the options Canvas has to display an inserted document.

Canvas Gradebook Import Issue with Specific Column Names

When instructors add a column titled "Final Grade" in Canvas and export the gradebook to edit it in Excel, they may encounter an issue when importing it back into Canvas. Canvas falsely claims that no grades have changed.

Copying Course Content in Canvas

This is an article which explains how to copy course content in Canvas.

Copying Smaller Pieces of your Migrated Blackboard Course

Even if you choose to "start from scratch" you may find it helpful to push small chunks of content from your migrated Blackboard Learn course to your live, Canvas student-enrolled course.

Create a Prep Area in Canvas

Faculty can create sandboxes in Canvas to prepare content, experiment with Canvas features, or collaborate with colleagues. Sandboxes are courses that will never receive student enrollments.

Editing a Quiz in Canvas After Students Have Already Started Taking It

If you need to make changes to a quiz in Canvas after students have already started taking it, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid any issues.

FAQ: Course Access and Incomplete Grades in Canvas

This article addresses common questions about access to the Canvas Learning Management System. Topics include course access for students and instructors and how Canvas handles incomplete grades.

FAQ: Inactive Students on the People Page

Canvas offers instructors greater visibility into the enrollments in their courses. Inactive students are those who dropped the course.

How do I add a student, TA, or instructor to my Canvas class?

Unlike Blackboard, instructors can no longer add people to student-enrolled courses. However, instructors can add people to prep area courses.
All people are managed through an integration between PeopleSoft and Canvas. 
New people are keyed into PeopleSoft by the relevant academic department's scheduler at the direction of the department chair. ​​​​​​​

How do I change the name of my Canvas course?

At Chico State, instructors cannot change the name of their Canvas course directly. However, you can set a nickname for your course to easily identify it in the Canvas dashboard. The nickname is only visible to you and doesn't affect the course name for other users.

How do I Cross-List (Combine) Multiple Canvas Course Sections?

Cross-listing courses in Canvas is a useful feature that allows instructors to combine multiple course sections into a single "parent" course. In Canvas, cross-listing is performed by the instructor. This article discusses what a cross-listed course is, who can cross-list courses, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to cross-list courses in Canvas.

My Canvas Gradebook Won't Load

When instructors experience issues with the Canvas gradebook not loading, it is often due to using an outdated web browser. To resolve this problem, follow this step-by-step guide.

My Students Cannot Progress to the Next Module

Instructors using module prerequisites in Canvas may sometimes encounter a situation where certain students' progress becomes locked due to module prerequisites. This issue prevents the affected students from accessing the desired module or its contents. Use these steps to allow students to access the affected module.

Organizing your Canvas Courses & Dashboard

This is an article informing users how to display courses on their Canvas dashboard.

Restore Deleted Content in Canvas

Sometimes mistakes happen, and course content can accidentally be deleted or changed. Fortunately, Canvas provides several tools to recover deleted content or restore previous versions of pages. Use these tools to restore deleted content quickly.

Running the Ally Report for your Canvas Course

Provides step by step instructions for running the Ally Course Accessibility Report in Canvas and tips for Improving your Course Accessibility Score.

Share Content With Other Faculty in Canvas

Sharing and collaboration are core features of Canvas. Use this guide to learn more about various options to share content within Canvas.

Sharing Canvas Content with Other Instructors

There are several ways to share your Canvas content with another instructor. This article provides an overview of the methods based on your specific needs.

Use Ally to Download Course Content in Alternate Formats

Learn how to use Ally to download Canvas content for on-the-go access in a variety of formats, including audio, PDF, and braille.

View Student Email Addresses in Canvas

Learn how to use Canvas's New Analytics to download a full course roster with students' emails.