Account Center & Identity

Information pertaining to Identity Management and the Account Center.

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Student Center

Training guides for how to use the updated Student Center.

Wildcat ID Card Access

Articles regarding Wildcat ID Cards, including physical access, card replacements, etc.

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Pinned Article Account Center - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Account Center

Pinned Article Reset Chico State Portal Password

Instructions for recovering your account if you've forgotten your password or if your password has expired

Account Center Entitlements Catalog

Campus users get accounts and access based on their relationship (AKA affiliation) with the University. This Entitlements Catalog outlines the specific accounts/access that are provided to each affiliation.

Affiliation to Account Type Crosswalk Matrix

Affiliation to Account Type Crosswalk Matrix

Claiming your new Chico State account

Guide for new Chico State students to claim their account.

Creating Guest Access Accounts

Instructions on creating Guest Access Accounts, formerly known as the Parent Portal.

How to change your display name in Account Center

Campus users are able to change their display name in Office 365, Google Apps, and Blackboard Learn through Account Center.

Searching for Campus Users in the Global Address Book in Office 365 (Exchange)

How to search for users in the Global Address List in Outlook after June 1, 2017

Signing up for Campus Alerts

This article will cover registering for Chico State Alerts and what to do if experiencing issues.

Username generation in Account Center

Usernames are generated by Account Center from the preferred name or legal name supplied by PeopleSoft.

Using MOVEit for secure data transfer

Quick guide for using MOVEit for sending securely encrypted files on campus.

Guest & Conference Accounts

Guest & Conference Accounts are created to provide access for a group of users to the same campus resources utilizing shared conference account credentials.