How to Accept an Incomplete Agreement


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When a grade of Incomplete is assigned, a student is notified to accept their Incomplete Agreement.  The agreement is an arrangement between the instructor and student.  University policy requires Incomplete grades to be made up within one calendar year or it will be changed to ‘IC’ (Incomplete Charged) or the ‘Grade Without Further Work’ from the Agreement.  Instructors can assign a due date earlier than one calendar year.  If the agreement is not accepted by the student the grade will revert to an IC rather than the ‘Grade Without Further Work.’

Once grades are complete for a term, students are notified via the Message Center in their Student Center to accept their Incomplete Agreement.

  • Select “Message Center” from the Dashboard Menu under the “To Dos, Holds and Messages” menu option.

  • Student needs to open and read the message by clicking on the “Accept Incomplete Grade Agreement” thread and follow the instructions for the next steps. After reading, the message can be archived.

  • Select “Grades” from the left-side menu under “Academic Progress”

  • Select the Term in which the grade of Incomplete was assigned.

  • Click the Review Agreement link in the Incomplete Grade  Agreement Column for the course with Incomplete grade.

  • Review the agreement and check the box acknowledging the terms and conditions of the Incomplete Agreement.

  • Select “Yes” if you accept the agreement.


  • The Acceptance Date will populate on the agreement, which will be viewable by the instructor and the Registrar’s Office.

  • After you click the Return button, you will now see “Accepted” in the Incomplete Agreement column.  Students can refer back to their agreement at any time.

  • If an Incomplete Agreement is accepted, the grade will change at the end of the grading cycle following the agreement due date to the grade specified in the agreement.  The faculty can choose to submit a Change of Grade request prior to the deadline in order for the grade to reflect sooner.
  • If the Incomplete Agreement is not accepted by the student, and the deadline specified in the agreement passes, the grade will revert to an IC at the end of the next grading cycle.

For further assistance contact the Office of Registrar at 530-898-5142 or

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