How to Accept/Decline Awards


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Located in the "Financials" menu option, this page is where you must Accept/Reduce/Decline your financial aid offers. You will not have any ‘Pending Aid’ to defer fees unless you have Accepted aid.

  • To accept/decline awards, select "Accept/Decline Awards" from the left navigation under "Financials.

Under the Accept/Decline Awards tab.  Showing if awards have not been accepted, reduced, or declined on the top. the page also shows detailed information about each type of aid you have been offered.  You can submit on the bottom right hand corner.

  • On the Accepted tab, note that an ellipses is available only if the award has not yet disbursed. You may go back and decline an award that has not yet disbursed, however, the option will not be available if the award is for the full year and the Fall portion has already disbursed.

​​​​​​​The Accepted tab shows all grants that are available and not available.  The three dots on the sides of some grants shows that it has not been disbursed and you can still go back and decline.  If no dots, it has been disbursed, if you need to cancel it, you must contact the financial aids office.  The submit button is at the bottom right hand corner for any changes made.

  • The Declined tab shows the types of aid that have been declined. The amount becomes $0.00 once an award is declined. You do not have the ability to make changes to a declined award.

The declined tab shows types of aids that hav been declined.  Stating: If you accidentally declined an award that you meant to accept, you would need to contact the financial aid office to have it re-offered to you or for intrstructions.  Some types of aid require additional steps in order to be re-offered.  

For further assistance contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at 530-898-6451 or


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