Reset Chico State Password (Portal Password)

Password Requirements

Chico State Passwords must follow the below requirements:

  • Cannot be shorter than 10 characters
  • Requires a minimum of 2 letters
  • Requires a minimum of 1 number
  • Requires a minimum of one special character (!, @, #, $, etc.)
  • Cannot be longer than 30 characters
  • Cannot contain a letter in the dictionary (5+ letters)
  • Cannot have more than two repeating character pairs (ex: ITSS!!)
  • Cannot use their first name
  • Cannot use their last name
  • Cannot use Username or ID Number

Note: Your Chico State password is used for most Chico State applications, including the Portal, Chico State Email, Canvas, Google Apps, Zoom, and any other apps that use Single Sign On (SSO).

Reset your Password

Option 1: Have a PIN sent to your personal email address or mobile phone number (U.S. Numbers only)

  1. Go to the Chico State Portal and click on the "Forgot Password" button under "Accounts & Support" 
    Forgot Password button on Portal
  2. Enter your Chico State ID number and username, then check the box agreeing to receive a PIN code and click "Submit". Your Chico State ID number can be found on your Wildcat Card in the lower left-hand corner. 
    Verify your Identity screen
  3. Select whether you want the reset PIN sent to your mobile phone (U.S. Numbers only) or personal email address. 
    Select where you want thePIN to be sent
  4. Once the PIN number is received via text/email, insert the PIN number

    Validate your PIN
  5. Create a new password 
    Create a New Password

Option 2: Answer security questions set up in the Account Center

  1. Follow Step 1 above to arrive at the "Forgot your Password?" page in Account Center
  2. Click on the security questions link.
    Use Security Questions to Reset your Password
  3. You will be prompted to answer three security questions. Please note that security questions are Case Sensitive. If you do not put capitals, spaces, etc. exactly where they were then you set up the questions, your account may get locked. 

  4. Create a new password

Option 3: Account Center 'My Password' Tab

  1. Go to the Chico State Portal and click on "Account Center" button and sign in 
    Chico State Portal
  2. Click on the 'My Password' tab 
    Image of the tabs in Account Center
  3. Check the 'My CSU, Chico Accounts' checkbox 
    Image inside of the My Password tab
  4. Create your new password and hit the "Reset Password" button


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