Tutorials and information regarding the Ray Morgan Multi-Function Printers. These devices can be identified by having a Ray Morgan asset sticker on them, and by their size (about 4 feet tall).

Articles (11)

Accessing Uniflow (MFP Printing) Reports

Uniflow (MFP Printing) Reports are made available to departments to help them track their departments MFP usage.

How to connect to a Ray Morgan MFP

This document details how to install a Ray Morgan MFP Printer on both Mac and PC devices.

How to Copy, Scan and Send, and Email Scans

How to make copies. How to scan to yourself and how to scan to others. What you need to use the MFP.

Installing the uniFlow Printer Client

Installing the multi-function printer uniFLOW printer client on Windows and Mac.

MFP Printer Budget Access Management

Department staff now have the option to manage access to their cost centers directly, rather than going through ITSS Print Support. This guide covers how to add and remove users from your department MFP cost center.

Sending Fax Through MFP

This article describes the steps to send fax using the MFP devices.

Set Print Default to Black and White Printing

This guide covers how to configure a Mac to print Black and White by default to Ray Morgan MFP's.

Update your MFP password for Level 1 Scanning

This article covers the process to update your password on the MFP that is used for the Level 1 scanning to Box process

Printing Errors on MFP

This article covers miscellaneous printing issues on both Mac and PC devices.