How to connect to a Ray Morgan MFP (Windows)

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1) In the bottom left search bar next to the windows button type in "Software Center" and select the software center app icon when it appears

2) Software center should open after a moment. In the software center window type "mfp-printer" in the top right search bar, then hit enter or click the magnifying glass icon:

3) The list of Ray Morgan MFPs that are available to you based on which building you are in should appear. Select the printer that you want to add.

note: If the printer you want to add does not appear then it may not be a Ray Morgan MFP and you may need to refer to the instructions to add a non-Ray Morgan Printer. If you are trying to print to an MFP in a different building than you please submit a ticket to print support so that we can make that printer available to you.

4) Once you select the printer you want to add you will be brought to the following screen. Click the 'Install' button and the printer will begin to install. This process can take around a minute. Once it has finished it may also take up to a minute for the printer to appear in your printer list as it initializes.

(Optional) 5. If you will be printing to multiple department budgets: verify that UniFlow Client is installed by checking you taskbar for the green UniFlow icon. 

When you hover your mouse over the icon, you should see "uniFlow Client" (see below).

Showing uniFlow client connected to a printer

If you do not see the uniFlow icon, please see this article on installing it.

To set this new printer as your default please refer to this article:

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