How to Copy, Scan and Send, and Email Scans

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How to use the functions on an MFP


To Make A Copy:

  • Select Copy from the main menu

Select the amount of copies you would like to print by using the physical keypad to enter the number of copies.  This will be reflected on the right hand side, highlighted in green.  To adjust double sidedness, color printing, copy quality, and page collating, select “Options” – highlighted in Yellow.

To Scan and Send a Document:

Select Scan and Send from the Main Menu

To send the scans to yourself, select “Send to Myself”

The following screen should appear. 

Adjust the settings for your personal preference.  DPI is the quality of the copy, the higher the number the more detailed the copy will be.  If the quality is too high, the scan will not be able to send as a PDF.  You will have to change the type from “PDF (compact)” to a JPEG file.  You can also send each page as its own file, or compile them into one file containing multiple pages by selecting “Divide into Pages”.

Email a Scan

You can also scan to someone else’s email address by selecting Scan and Send, New Destination, and then EMAIL.

Enter the email address and select ok.  Then place your documents in the scanner and hit the physical start button to the right of the screen.

If you have any other issues, please reference our articles about how to scan at high quality (high DPI), streaking or smudging on copies, and how to get your unique MFP PIN.

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