Printer tutorials and information.

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Multi-Function Printer (MFP)

Tutorials and information regarding the Ray Morgan Multi-Function Printers. These devices can be identified by having a Ray Morgan asset sticker on them, and by their size (about 4 feet tall).

Network Printer (non-MFP)

Tutorials and information regarding all printers and print devices that are not Ray Morgan MultiFunction Printer devices and are not set up with GoPrint. This includes desktop printers, and non-Ray Morgan Multi-function print devices.

Articles (4)

GoPrint - Setting Up Wireless Printing on Windows

How to install a printer that is located on the GoPrint server. This will allow you to print from your laptop to lab printers in the library.

GoPrint Wireless Printers

This is a list of printers that you can print to from your personal laptop using GoPrint.

How to Print Double Sided

This article explains how to print double sided from Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Adobe PDFs.

Set default printer (Windows)

How to set your default printer in Windows